Friday, September 11, 2009

Building the Castle Cake

My next cake endeavor is a princess castle cake, and since this is my first time doing it, I had to experiment a bit with the castle towers. First, I had to figure out the smartest way to make them. Next, I needed to test their durability so they wouldn't fall apart on me before the cake was even finished. Then I had to make sure they looked great! After researching a bit on and I decided to go with rice krispies treats (RKT) over wooden dowels, covered in buttercream and then a layer of fondant. I picked up a silicon cobblestone mat to use on the fondant. Here's how the first one turned out (keep mind I plan to top them with sugar cones coated in buttercream and colored sugar so they are not 100% done yet).

After two days of it staying put and confident that this method would work, I made the other three:

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