Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Tree 80th Birthday Cake

This cake was for an 80th birthday celebration - for a man whose many passions were narrowed down to "family" and "Villanova baseball."

Each tier is chocolate cake with strawberry filling. The top tier celebrates Villanova baseball, while the second and bottom tiers celebrate his large family with a family tree. The birthday boy and his wife's name are "carved" in the tree trunk, their children and spouse's names are on the bottom tier and his grandchildren are all named on the middle tier.

All decorations (leaves, baseball bats, baseballs, etc) are edible and are made of fondant or a fondant/gumpaste mix.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello Again!

This is one popular cat these days. :)
Hello Kitty face, carved from 3 x 10" rounds (2 chocolate, 1 yellow) with chocolate filling. Buttercream icing makes up the face and sides and I used a gumpaste/fondant mix for the bows, whiskers, eyes and nose. The cake board is wrapped with HK wrapping paper.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Top tier is 2 x 6"round chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling. Bottom tier is 3 x 10" round chocolate cake with strawberry and fudge fillings. Under the fondant is a vanilla buttercream. The stars are fondant with fondant letters on lollipop sticks. The clubhouse is fondant with buttercream accents. All is edible, except the Mickey Mouse figurines and the lollipop sticks.

For those over the age of 4 who are not familiar with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you can see it in the background of this picture: